Everything You Can Imagine is Real

Everything You Can Imagine is Real – an evening of arts and music curated by Martyn Ware (Heaven 17, Illustrious). It was commissioned during the hugely successful “Picasso Portraits” exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London. 50 artist/musicians/performance artists took part in this hugely successful event, with people queuing round the block to get in.

I enjoyed so much researching and composing music using the writings and letters of/about the women in Picasso’s life and the music of Eric Satie and Stravinsky.

The event coincided with the night of Donald Trump’s inauguration and was also the night before the London Women’s March so the theme of women and empowerment was so prevalent.

I presenting the quotes I assembled in a semi-improvised piece in “The Road to Reform” Gallery… over-looked by the portraits of the great game changers including William Wilberforce. Such an honour and a privilege.
I chose to ask the audience to shuffle my quotes and my prompt cards so, in the spirit of the Avant Garde, i didn’t have the dictatorial decision of which musical idea accompanied which quote.

An amazing night, one i will never forget.. let’s hear it for women! IMG_0033