“A Minimal Christmas”

Christmas Album is finished… 6 vocal live-looped tracks, recorded in a studio in Wandsworth, UK. Mixed by the seriously talented and amusing Michael Rendall and Executive Produced by the mighty-and-one-and-only Youth (Killing Joke: OfficialThe Orb, Butterfly Records), massive thanks to them for taking this on at such short notice… I learnt so much in a short space of time.. My head is SpiNnInG
I am making limited edition handmade product. There will be 50 of the first run.

Track listing…

  1. The Angel Gabriel
  2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  3. The Coventry Carol
  4. In Dulce Jubilo
  5. Gaudete
  6. In the Bleak Mid-Winter

Might be a little late for this year, but heck we will always need Christmas music of some sort, just trying to widen the scope here…


Purchase details available here:-https://georginabrett.bandcamp.com/album/a-minimal-christmas-2, they will be signed and numbered 1/50, 2/50 etc.. so choose your lucky number!!!! first come first served… 

Workshop with Meredith Monk in Liverpool

Pinching myself that i spent a day learning from Meredith Monk! I caught the 7.07am train from Euston on Saturday 18th October 2013…. and arrived in time for the beginning at 10am. 35 of us took part in this workshop, in a beautiful old Friary close to Lime Street, Liverpool. The workshop was part of the Liverpool Biennial 2013. This was singularly one of the most life affirming things i have done in the last few years. Meeting such a legend of music and thought in this context was just wonderful. Meredith Monk’s quiet beauty shines though all she does, in a considered and powerfully potent way. We covered a great deal of ground. Lots of warm up exercises for the body, especially the parts of the body involved in vocal work and new interesting vocal routines which i have since noted down all i could remember. The “Rounds” we sang were lovely, the vocal rhythmic exercises very nicely conceived and great to see at last someone attacking rhythm for the voice head on, rhythm is SO important and it is easy to ignore specific work on it. The final joint performance in small groups was a great way to end a day that helps you to see that it is important to be doing something new and expressive in non-verbal ways. I love what i do and this day showed me that i should have faith in it and myself. I think finally the “should i be doing this?” has bitten the dust. The confidence given on Saturday is something i think we all brought into our own expression of life. Amazing people, such delicacy of communication in a room of people who didn’t know each other. So happy. If you don’t have this CD, i highly recommend you get it.

Performed for the 2nd time at Anatums Abode in Limehouse LONDON

A very special place to play. I took a simple rig and improvised the whole set this time. Caught a flavour and style i had not tried before, beginning similar phrases and letting them fade away at some juncture unknown until the moment…. Anatum’s is beautiful space, fast becoming somewhere known for hosting the extraordinary. Bioni Samp and Blanca Regina have also played this unusual venue run by http://213h.wordpress.com/category/hias-events/ Anastasia Freygang. Full of great vibes for healthy sustainable future for us all. The room i performed in was derelict, no roof, I love the texture of the walls… Thanks to Michael Shepherd for an outstandingly lovely video. (and for the best Pizza for miles around!!)

Featured on CDM website July 1st 2013

“London’s Georgina Brett is part of a generation of solo artists who use layered loops to build trascendental, rotating textures from repetition. Hardware loopers and effects pedals remain the preferred tool here for Brett as for many such artists. But Brett’s work is worth a particular mention for its ghostly, ethereal quality and thoughtful, delicate compositions.

There is for me a continuum connecting to the Minimalists, of course – as a soloist, she’s doing some of the things that the Meredith Monk Ensemble did (minus the loopers), and there’s a feeling of the “discovered folk music” that Monk used in her work. Other moments have the quasi-Medieval sounds of Philip Glass — one track recalling the “Knee Plays,” other moments perhaps channeling Hildegard, in flourishes of modal monophony that underlie the writing. But this voice seems personal and intimate, centering on folk song round-style directness.

Watching her build up a track, even after many years of watching looping performances, is a pleasure, beginning fragile or even uncertain like an echo, but gently growing to a calmly rolling sea of sound.” Peter Kirk

Full article here. http://createdigitalmusic.com/2013/07/hear-the-gorgeous-ethereal-vocal-music-of-georgina-brett-and-more-live-looping/


Delighted to have been featured here, really, so happy.

So much more music in the pipeline which i am dead excited about, do keep popping back… 🙂

Soundclouder of the Day, 28th June 2013!

or #SCOTD as it is shortened to… So excited… 🙂 I opened my account that morning to find hundreds more plays that usual on my music, so I knew something was up… Found out later on in the day that i was featured on the twitter and tumblr soundcloud blogs as artist of the day. So grateful for some unexpected exposure, had some super nice comments and met some new artists for possible collaboration. Hoooorrrayyyy 🙂 www.soundcloud.com/georginabrett

God Found Pluto a Cold Place – Video

The idea that Gaia, (or if you prefer an Earth consciousness/God) could choose to spend time in or around the furthest planet(?) from the sun has been a visual and emotional movie of mine for a while in several shapes and forms. 🙂

The music appears on the Nonsense A album.