Wednesday Evening Concerts

I began these concerts about 4 weeks ago now… presented much of my back catalogue on the first 3 and the 4th was an experiment in unusual timings and tempo combinations. All 4 of them are available here

Going to use old timing maps i created over the years to make further matrices of vocal sound this coming Wednesday 10/06/2020.


Really looking forward to it i hope you can join me. !

Buy The Waters of Babylon

Sung at October Tuesdays Post 2016

I have often had a go at developing this Don MacLean song. “Buy the Waters of Babylon” seemed an interesting ‘play on words’ seeing as much of the farming in the area + the Dead Sea Salt farming has meant that the rivers are less reliable and thus life is more precarious because of the intense farming (reference to Zion) Sink holes appearing in large areas of uninhabitable land around the Dead Sea. Babylon . the banks for the Euphrates is however straddling the Countries of Syria and Iraq.. of which i weep for.

Water.. tears.. salt..

I hope to do a studio version of this one day.

Reflections in Sound : A Healing Journey through the Human Voice

July 5th. Always enjoy the Sound Healing journeys with Lani Rocillo. Here we were joined by Hanna-jade Stone and Mo Reynish for an extra-ordinary expanse of sound.

Lani is a wonderful facilitator.. such skill and mastery of the art of ceremony. Giving everyone the space and opportunity to journey within and find self-healing through being in the space.

We begin with the cleansing of energy — then progress to the drinking of the Cacao — Then there was a short chant sung by everyone 108 times —

short break

— the sound improvisation. What happens very much depends on the the feeling of the room.. everyone makes the sound even if they are physically silent.. their energies bubble up to interact with the singing. fantastic and transformative work..

Final Aum and closing.

Everything You Can Imagine is Real

Everything You Can Imagine is Real – an evening of arts and music curated by Martyn Ware (Heaven 17, Illustrious). It was commissioned during the hugely successful “Picasso Portraits” exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London. 50 artist/musicians/performance artists took part in this hugely successful event, with people queuing round the block to get in.

I enjoyed so much researching and composing music using the writings and letters of/about the women in Picasso’s life and the music of Eric Satie and Stravinsky.

The event coincided with the night of Donald Trump’s inauguration and was also the night before the London Women’s March so the theme of women and empowerment was so prevalent.

I presenting the quotes I assembled in a semi-improvised piece in “The Road to Reform” Gallery… over-looked by the portraits of the great game changers including William Wilberforce. Such an honour and a privilege.
I chose to ask the audience to shuffle my quotes and my prompt cards so, in the spirit of the Avant Garde, i didn’t have the dictatorial decision of which musical idea accompanied which quote.

An amazing night, one i will never forget.. let’s hear it for women! IMG_0033

Photo Gallery of Solidsilence website

This is the screenshot image history of the first Solidsilence website. It was taken down in 2008. Glad to have had a copy of it so as to remember the good times and all the work that went into it! Click on the images to get a larger image.

If you are interested in any recordings listed, (including the podcasts) or have any inquiries regarding this project then do ask me using the contact form on this website or through Facebook. Do be aware that I would not be able to transfer audio files without consent from the artist, and if this operation takes a considerable amount of time I may need to charge a small fee. These recordings are not being sold as an mp3 or as a physical item. They are however now gradually becoming available free onĀ Mixcloud for all to hear and enjoy.

They are too good to languish on my hard drive any longer (2015)!