Live Voice Meditation @ The Groucho Club 10th February 2015

Strayed into the realms of 5/4, pentatonic and whole tone scales as well as some Eastern flavours, which i love.. enjoyed the constant of a drone bass using an octave pedal.. every now and then you can hear the crowd of people chatting.. ! 🙂
I always intend this type of work to be good to work to, or to meditate or do yoga to… if you try, will you let me know if it is helpful for concentration or for clearing the mind?

Kumo and Georgina Brett at London Analogue Festival 2014

London Analogue Festival 2014 was in The Bargehouse at The OXO Tower, on the South Bank in London, it took place in the Summer.. fantastic venue, an untouched, undeveloped bargehouse, enormous.. we were right in the top.. amazing textures on the walls, i am sad to this day that i didn’t manage to take photos of it inside.

finally got to release the video of Jono Podmore and I ..totally analogue equipment..
My gear? Korg SE 500 Stage Echo Tape Delay, Arp 2600 Synth, Sennheiser Hypercardioid mic, Mackie 1202VLZ
Jono’s gear? Longwave handmade Theremin, Mackie 802 VLZ 3 mixer, Mutron III+, MXR Carbon Copy, Lili 004 – handmade Ring Modulator, Filter, 2xLFO
Wonder if anyone can understand the spoken word stuff? It’s using some amusing texts, check the book titles in the youtube listing. wink emoticon !!!

St Mary Aldermary in April – Bach Prelude no. 1 in C major looped.

I performed a 2 hour set of pieces relevent to this beautiful space and the Taize Songs i chose were just so pretty and I enjoyed improvising with them. I completely misjudged the time so got there in just enough time to set up. So there’s no video on this one.

Here is the clip I uploaded to Soundcloud.

Can’t say how lovely it is to sing in this beautiful church. Thanks to Jonny and Vanessa and the Host Cafe staff for having me. 🙂