Cosmic Puffin Festival May 2013

What a site! The best festival site, next to the beach, clean showers, lots of warm interior spaces, good food, great music and lovely people… What more could you want?

Here’s me singing a totally unrehearsed improvisation around the well known tragic love song “Black Orpheus”, it kind of goes wrong as I try to adjust the tempo on the second pedal.. wishing i had turned the output of the second pedal down at the time, so no bubbly noises… i thought it was nicely arty… perhaps it is?

Ov London Collective Radio Shows

I have been helping to make radio shows for Ov London Collective. Ov London is specifically focused on Improvisation. Here is the first radio show to be broadcast on K2K Radio K2K (Kilburn To Kensal) Radio a brand new internet radio based in Green Park.

It features:-

Track 1 – The Feral Choir with Phil Minton 24th January 2008 by
Phil Minton, Maggie Nichols, Sharon Gal, Moshi Honen, Frank Charlton, Carmel Morrisey, Illi Adato, Steve Moyes, Dave O’Connor (and others Please do get in touch if you were here and want to be listed!!)

Track 2 – Known Not Learnt and Known Unknowns by
David Cooper Orton

Track 3 – A Living Score. CWM Festival, Wales June 2012 by
Bethan Graham Dolman, Illi Adato, Mia McAllister, (and others Please do get in touch if you were here and want to be listed!!)

Track 4 – A Cave with Curious Twins by
Georgina Brett

The Albums Nonsense A and Nonsense B are available on iTunes

Georgina Brett Nonsense A and Nonsense B are finished.

Buy Nonsense A and Nonsense B on iTunes

All can be downloaded from iTunes or Bandcamp, but you can buy the CD’s here if you like. All Cd’s are one of a kind and contain artwork by myself. They can all be signed and dedicated to you personally. (All CD purchases come with a surprise gift CD of some sort)

I have been focusing on vocal sound collages for a while now, and have called it ‘Non Sense’ for many reasons. The word “nonsense”, in terms of language, talks of no verbal sense, no meaning conveyed. Language needs context, structure and grammar in order to function. These albums are “non sense” from a language point of view. However, there is so much more to communication than language, and ‘hear/here’ I attempt to make pure emotional musical matrices which each have a particular flavour.

The album also endeavours to show the power of the voice as an instrument. The songs give the listener a ‘Vocal Bath’. You get the freedom to ‘use’ each individual track as concentration music, or for meditation or as a means to sleep. Think whatever you like, there is no narrative. However…. the development of the notes and chords and rhythm is pretty compelling, so follow in the musical journey and switch off your own words, it’s relaxing.

“Your mind is captured by [this sound healing] sound, there is so much to be busy with, your brain is thirsty for things, if you give food to the mind somehow it is quiet, like if you give a dog a bone. allowing the other dimensions of the mind such as self-awareness finally to have space and ‘let go’. ” Monika Soundgate in reference to Soundgate sound healing.

Non Sense A and B were made in the hope that they can afford a similar space for the listener.. a space of healing. The mind is often described to be like a restless and curious monkey (Taoism), it tries to find complication. Hopefully what you will find with this album, is gentle complication in sound, coupled with beauty and a general sense of reliability.