Sink into just over 20 minutes of extremely miminal interweaving ever changing live-looping singing. Audio stress relief pretty much guaranteed. Etusta Que Alebe, NaMuse A Ma Se Na Ma Se A Mus Alebe Que Alebe.

Etusta was originally written for a play about Joan of Arc, for 3 singers on stage. and therefore the quasi french/latin nonsensical words alluding to  religious music of the time, but breaking all the conventional rules. It was composed like a simple round, with 3 phrases, but each singer has their version of the melody.  It has endured many years of play, i imagine i have sung this piece for at least a week if i put all my performances of it end to end.

I have the original score and here are 2 reviews of its’ first performance in ‘Gilles et Jeanne’ a semi-fictional play by Donald Reid  about Joan of Arc and Gilles De Rais in 1992 in the Edinburgh Fringe.

Reviews of the original show ‘Gilles et Jeanne’ staged in 1992 Fringe Festival.