Sonic variety of any sort are less evident in this piece than in most of the non-linguistic pieces on these albums. If you were to try to write down the phonetics in this piece almost all are “ohhh” or “ahh”. It breathes with long phrases, in a restful, leisurely way. The whole piece perhaps an elaborate “AUM”.
I often wonder what sounds we would have made before we made language to “mean” things. This piece endeavours to explore the thought.This is the sixth and final track from my album Nonsense A, the first of a double album, totally vocal, and totally without words. For more information on my style and thoughts in the area of music and sound please visit my website.


There are no discernible words, other than those you might find yourself.

As for the name “Fullness”. It refers to the emotional feeling as I sang this piece, a state of fullness of being in the sound and moment.

There is video of me singing this piece on Youtube. It is on my youtube channel.