God Found Pluto a Cold Place

I gained my inspiration from Xenakis for the musical structure of this piece. Years back I took the score of his early work, “Metastasis” and drew the portamento violin sections on graph paper. There were, i think, 63 separate string parts. In one small section of the piece they all start on the same note and then spread out individually up and down like a trumpet flare, using portamento, (sliding the note evenly up or down the strings). All of the string instruments ending up holding a long chord of 63 separate notes. Here I try to do this in a very haphazard way with no practice and come up apon the difficulty of imagining a new note to end on.. ?

This is the fourth track from the album NonSense A, the first of a double album, totally vocal, and totally without words. For more information on my style and thoughts in the area of music and sound please visit my website.


There are no discernible words, other than those you might find yourself.

As for the feel and the title..

This title refers to a reoccurring vision..

….The sentient God Consciousness of Earth retreats to Pluto.. The God Consciousness of Venus moves over to Earth in order to keep things running as apparently normally as possible, while the angels work out how to get him back.

It’s a long story. 🙂

I made this video years ago, the original footage was of a battered beer can swirling around and around for 10 or so minutes right at the foot of Grenfell Tower.. there was this little vortex there, that every now and then would swirl leaves and rubbish.. like in ‘the bag moment’ in the movie American Beauty. and one day i managed to record it. I put a purple filter on the video and then put it through this other abstraction filter that creates random stars.