Georgina Brett’s music is created using her voice and effects pedals.. weaving modular choirs often in an hypnotic style. The point of her music is not only to captivate with extraordinary timing, vocal technique and melodic/rhythmic style but also to be an aid to reaching meditative states. Her double album Nonsense A and Nonsense B is of purely vocal works with no ‘deliberate’ words or lyrics. 


Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music website wrote this about Georgina Brett’s work:

“London’s Georgina Brett is part of a generation of solo artists who use layered loops to build transcendental, rotating textures from repetition. Hardware loopers and effects pedals remain the preferred tool here for Brett as for many such artists. But Brett’s work is worth a particular mention for its ghostly, ethereal quality and thoughtful, delicate compositions.

There is for me a continuum connecting to the Minimalists, of course – as a soloist, she’s doing some of the things that the Meredith Monk Ensemble did (minus the loopers), and there’s a feeling of the “discovered folk music” that Monk used in her work. Other moments have the quasi-Medieval sounds of Philip Glass — one track recalling the “Knee Plays,” other moments perhaps channeling Hildegard, in flourishes of modal monophony that underlie the writing. But this voice seems personal and intimate, centering on folk song round-style directness.

Watching her build up a track, even after many years of watching looping performances, is a pleasure, beginning fragile or even uncertain like an echo, but gently growing to a calmly rolling sea of sound.”



Georgina has shared a stage and/or worked on either collaborations/remix projects with artists listed below amongst others:

Alabama 3, Fabio Anile, Dave Barbarossa, Michael Bearpark, Andy Bole, The Broca Ensemble, Andy Butler, David Cooper Orton, Eatstatic, Oe Fischer, Idiot St. Crazy, Iris Garrelfs, Steve Finnerty, Knopfdreher, Višeslav Laboš,   Lee Harris & the Moonlight Orchestra, Gareth Lewis, Loalue, Lucid Brain Integrative Project, Gordon MacMillan, Henrique Mathias, Joaquin Mendoza, Jude C Montague, Moody Al, Moon Ra, Jon Moss, Steve Moyes, Andrew Ostler, Michael Peters, Phantom, Jono Podmore, Darren Sangita, Seagram Murals, Roshi, Nik Turner, Tuonela, Youth.

Georgina has performed at

  • Space Mountain International Arts Festival, hosted by Martin Glover, Andalucia Spain May 2022
  • ‘A Spaceship for the Imagination’ exhibition by Paul Friedlander at Bookery Gallerie April 2022 [footage]
  • London Improvisers Orchestra 2020 – 2022
  • ‘Oscillations Online Festival’ Hosted by The Horse Improvisers Club & Iklectik 2020 [footage]
  • ‘Slab Summer of Love Online Festival’ Hosted by South London Arts Club 2020 [footage]
  • Interview live online hosted by Music Hackspace 2020 [footage]
  • Wednesday Evening online concerts on Georgina’s Facebook 2020 [footage
  • Improvisation session hosted by Douglas Benford with Sofia Vaisman-Maturana Neil Metcalfe and Douglas Benford, Hundred Years Gallery Dalston 2018 [footage]
  • Open Jack Takeover hosted by Cos Chapman and Afasia Yuri,
    Cos Chapman and Ewa Limanówka,  with Harmageddon (Nathan + Fae Greywater) and Lia Mice visuals by Terry Payman New River Studios Manor House 2017
  • Space Mountain International Arts Festival, hosted by Martin Glover, Andalucia Spain 2017
  • Reflections in Sound : A Healing Journey through the Human Voice
  • hosted by ‘Sound Being’ with Lani Rocillo, Maxwell Reynish and Hanna-Jade Browne, Reva Yoga Hackney 2017
  • Reflections in Sound : A Healing Journey through the Human Voice hosted by ‘Sound Being’ with Lani Rocillo, Maxwell Reynish and Katy Dron at Reva Yoga Hackney 2017
  • Improvisation session hosted by Douglas Benford with Jem Finer, Georgina Brett, James Malone and Douglas Benford Hundred Years Gallery, Dalston 2017
  • Moonchoir singing session with Georgina Brett, series hosted by Conny Prantera, St Leonards Church 2017 [footage]
  • Duet with Susanna Lafond, alongside performances by White Noise (Dave Vorhaus) [footage]
  • and Thomas Stone, The Muse Gallery Portobello 2017 [footage]
  • ‘Everything You Can Imagine is Real’  Artists Colony hosted by Martyn Ware and Illustrious,  late at The National Portrait Gallery Trafalgar Square 2017
  • Tuesdays Post with YOAF (Tom Fox, Jon Saunders and Tim Yates) and Jono Podmore, The Muse Gallery Portobello 2016
  • Tuesdays Post with Lucid Brain Integrative Project (Emmanuel Reveneau) and PREHISTO’ZIK (Nelly Meunier) at The Muse Gallery Portobello 2016 [footage]
  • Open Jack Takeover, hosted by Cos Chapman, New River Studios 2016 [footage]
  • Eclipse Collaborations Launch night – live 6 channel Surround Sound live concert with Emmanuel Reveneau, Steve Finnerty, Martin Glover, Idiot St Crazy, Andrew Ostler, Michael Bearpark, Andy Bole, Henrique Mathias Jono Podmore spoken word by Greg Sams visuals by  Hanzo, Billy Rood and Rucksack Cinema, New River Studios Manor House 2016 [footage]
  • Support act for ‘Junk Deluxe’ at Kino-Theatr, St Leonards 2016 [footage]
  • JIG at Sonic Imperfections, The Montague Arms, Peckham 2016
  • 6 Channel Surround Sound live event hosted by Tuesdays Post at Open Jack Takeover Weekender, New River Studios, Manor House 2016
  • ‘Reflections in Sound : Authenticity’ with Sarah Anderson, Cassandra Solon Perry and Lani Rocillo, hosted by Lani Rocillo at The Hoxton Basement 2016
  • JIG at Club Integral Presents Imaginary Music, The Others Stoke Newington 2016
  • The Sun at Night, St Leonards Church, Dalston 2016
  • Club Integral Radio Show, Resonance FM 2016
  • Moonrose hosted by Conny Prantera at The Sun at Night, St Leonards Church, Dalston 2015 [footage]
  • JIG (Jude Cowan Montague, Iris Garrelfs and Georgina Brett) live at Sonic Found Music, New River Studios, Manor House 2015
  • ‘Analogue Occurrences’ supporting Metamono 2015
  • ‘Surfing on Sine Waves’ – Silencio Watford 2015 [footage]
  • ‘Election Selection’ with Jono Podmore – Apiary London 2015 [footage]
  • ‘Chant’ at The Portobello Festival 2015
  • Album launch of ‘Traipsing Bloom’ – Lee Harris & the Moonlight Orchestra 2015
  • Cosmic Puffin Festival 2015
  • ‘Road to Mount Helicon’ – Muse Gallery 2015 [footage]
  • ‘Electronicuration #2’ – Nonclassical, The Russett, London, 2015 [footage]
  • Nonclassical ‘Battle of the Bands’ 2015
  • Rudolf Steiner House 2014
  • eXperimental Electronics 2014
  • Cosmic Puffin Festival 2014 [footage]
  • Tuesdays Post Series 2 2014[footage]
  • St Mary Aldermary, London 2014 [footage]
  • St John the Divine, Nottinghamshire 2014
  • St Margaret’s, Norwich 2013 [footage]
  • ‘Hack the Barbican’, Barbican Centre London 2013
  • London Live-looping Festival 2013
  • Art of the Moment Festival 2013 [event website] [footage]
  • Cosmic Puffin Festival 2013 [event website] [footage]
  • Tuesdays Post 2013-2012 [event website] [footage]
  • Penarth Live-looping Festival 2012
  • Florence 2012 Live-looping Festival [footage]
  • Cologne Live-looping Festival 2011 [event website] [footage]
  • USA at the Santa Cruz 2011 live-looping Festival
  • Buddhafield festival 2011
  • Since 2011 she hosts Tuesdays Post : Live Progressive Ambient a monthly event in London hosting live acts along with Andrew Ostler(Expert Sleepers/Darkroom) and Michael Bearpark (Darkroom/Tim Bowness), with regular assistance from: The Others, Karen S., Henrique Mathias (Hems), Hansgeorg Schwarz (Hanzo) and Rucksack Cinema.

Georgina is classically trained with a BMus and an MA in Aesthetics and Composition.


      • Hosts live radio shows on Resonance FM (since the first broadcast from The Royal Festival Hall to present day. 1997 – 2015
      • featured on the website Music accompanied Exhibition of Gavin Turk.
      • Ran the label ‘Solid Silence’ releasing live binaurally recorded cd’s and podcasts from eco-festivals around the UK 2003-2007
      • website (David Bowie art website) Music written by Georgina Brett & Jason Mayo for video diary of exhibition of the work of Gavin Turk 2002
      • Exhibited in The Royal Sculpture Society (2001)
      • Sonic Arts Network DJ Great Eastern Dining Rooms 1999
      • Performed in the ICA Diffusion set on the B. E. A. S. T. (Birmingham Electro Acoustic Sound Theatre) system (1999).
      • Wrote and performed music for many theatre productions including one Fringe 1st at ‘Grimm Tales’ – Devised by Toby Gough, Edinburgh Festival Assembly Rooms, ‘Mary & Lizzie’ – Frank McGuinness/Bedlam Theatre Edinburgh, , ‘Someone Waiting’ – Emlyn Williams/ Richmond Playhouse, ‘Cymbeline’ – Shakespeare/Central School of Speech and Drama 1990-1997
      • Sang in ‘Momente’ – Karlheinz Stockhausen at the QEH, Huddersfield New Music Festival 1994
      • Diffused ‘Scythe’ – Georgina Brett on B.E.A.S.T.(Birmingham Electro-Acoustic Sound Theatre) 1994 [footage]
      • Scholarship to Banff Centre for the Arts 1993
      • Scholarship to Birmingham University (MA) 1993