Buy The Waters of Babylon

Sung at October Tuesdays Post 2016

I have often had a go at developing this Don MacLean song. “Buy the Waters of Babylon” seemed an interesting ‘play on words’ seeing as much of the farming in the area + the Dead Sea Salt farming has meant that the rivers are less reliable and thus life is more precarious because of the intense farming (reference to Zion) Sink holes appearing in large areas of uninhabitable land around the Dead Sea. Babylon . the banks for the Euphrates is however straddling the Countries of Syria and Iraq.. of which i weep for.

Water.. tears.. salt..

I hope to do a studio version of this one day.

St Mary Aldermary in April – Bach Prelude no. 1 in C major looped.

I performed a 2 hour set of pieces relevent to this beautiful space and the Taize Songs i chose were just so pretty and I enjoyed improvising with them. I completely misjudged the time so got there in just enough time to set up. So there’s no video on this one.

Here is the clip I uploaded to Soundcloud.

Can’t say how lovely it is to sing in this beautiful church. Thanks to Jonny and Vanessa and the Host Cafe staff for having me. 🙂