The chant/loop seems to have a manic quality (which I like)--the vocals/melody, especially as the music progresses towards the conclusion, sways in a fevered state--half-improvised, half-hallucinatory. I really like that aspect of the track. It's like you lost yourself in the midst of creation. on " Angleation"

Super Miracle Dream Team
Some very tricky harmonies here, microtonal effect! :)) on "Still Angleated"

my god Georgina this is exquisite. on "Still Angleated"

The Oxford Ambient Collective
A welling and expanding shiver.. lovely :-). on "Still Angleated"

,,,,I need a new dictionary to define your work....... :-). on "Still Angleated"

great for a space epic like 2001 or Alien, wonderful atmosphere. on "Still Angleated"

experimental and seductive?.... ah how i dream people will call my work this:) ... it is a genre not all that common i feel, trying to push this envelope a bit.. on "Pent Flat"

beautiful dreamy recording Georgina....you do this in the pub right?....is that not a disaster for the landlord?....I imagine everyone just gazing into space totally transported and not buying any drinks. on "Pent Flat"

Dave McKeown
...made us wordless.... on "Pent Flat"

Mon Bijoux
the human voice truly is an instrument, and you utilize it beautifully. on "Yeah Yeah"