You can almost see fairies flitting about with their paintbrushes drawn and at the ready to paint the blooming landscape…beautiful!
Robin Kan-Hodges Kerby on “Bouncy Spring”

As always, very nice work! I love the whole-tone sound on this one, it gives a very floaty, ungrounded uncertainty which I always love (I’m a huge Debussy freak). I also reminds me a lot of the vocal work Joan LaBarbara did in Philip Glass’s “North Star” (although you’re quite a bit more soulful)
Curtis Dahl on “Whole”

full of lovely ‘doh’s’ and ‘di’s’ – amazing the way it builds into something positively psychedelic
Squinancywort on “A Field of Nymphs”

Lovely work, Georgina! I zoned right out listening to this – not the best idea first thing in the morning! It really suspends time, totally hypnotic… now I must un-relax! :))
Tuonela on “Lullaby for a Busy Head”

The chant/loop seems to have a manic quality (which I like)–the vocals/melody, especially as the music progresses towards the conclusion, sways in a fevered state–half-improvised, half-hallucinatory. I really like that aspect of the track. It’s like you lost yourself in the midst of creation.
Super Miracle Dream Team on “Angleation”

,,,,I need a new dictionary to define your work……. 🙂
Loalue on “Still Angleated”

experimental and seductive?…. ah how i dream people will call my work this:) … it is a genre not all that common i feel, trying to push this envelope a bit..
Tunedin52 on “Pent Flat”

your work is amazing georgina…like a Cathy Berberian for the 21st century….have you listened to Berio’s music?(A-Ronne, Circles, Laborintus II….)
Joaquin Mendoza on “Yeah Yeah”