Photo Gallery of Solidsilence website

This is the screenshot image history of the first Solidsilence website. It was taken down in 2008. Glad to have had a copy of it so as to remember the good times and all the work that went into it! Click on the images to get a larger image.

If you are interested in any recordings listed, (including the podcasts) or have any inquiries regarding this project then do ask me using the contact form on this website or through Facebook. Do be aware that I would not be able to transfer audio files without consent from the artist, and if this operation takes a considerable amount of time I may need to charge a small fee. These recordings are not being sold as an mp3 or as a physical item. They are however now gradually becoming available free on Mixcloud for all to hear and enjoy.

They are too good to languish on my hard drive any longer (2015)!