Reflections in Sound : A Healing Journey through the Human Voice

July 5th. Always enjoy the Sound Healing journeys with Lani Rocillo. Here we were joined by Hanna-jade Stone and Mo Reynish for an extra-ordinary expanse of sound.

Lani is a wonderful facilitator.. such skill and mastery of the art of ceremony. Giving everyone the space and opportunity to journey within and find self-healing through being in the space.

We begin with the cleansing of energy — then progress to the drinking of the Cacao — Then there was a short chant sung by everyone 108 times —

short break

— the sound improvisation. What happens very much depends on the the feeling of the room.. everyone makes the sound even if they are physically silent.. their energies bubble up to interact with the singing. fantastic and transformative work..

Final Aum and closing.