Bholenath (2004?)

Bholanath (Sanskrit) also popularly rendered is an epithet of the Hindu god Shiva. The epithet indicates the status of Shiva as the lord of innocence. What did Shiva say to Parvati? Immense love. Lord Shiva once told his better half that there “is no such thing as the end of life, but, without you, my love, there is no life.”

A lovely live recording of Shiv Nirmukta, Miroslav Morski and myself recorded during the time a group of international travellers occupied a listed building earmarked for demolition.

They lived in one part of the old factory and held parties in another, super large performance space with stage and all the PA, a recording studio ran my Davide Salvetti, a mechanics workshop, (at the parties they would roll out their latest constructions for us to enjoy!) a cinema room playing extraordinary movies, and a gallery…  a girl would be there with her snake wrapped around her… it really was super amazing, creative and beautiful..

I was making binaural minidisk recording at the time so here’s a recording of one of the night’s there… Shiv, Morski, Milli and Davide live at Lea Bridge Road