Bouncy Spring

The track came about when an esteemed friend who frequented ‘The Island Experiment’ a weekly jam night in Kilburn hosted by Wade Bayliss, told me that my music was “Floaty and ambient…” and could i do something a bit more rhythmic and punchy. It was the week I had posted up an improv. with Reyn Ouwehand, he had watched it. It is in nature floaty and ambient. I do love this youtube clip, do check it out if you like.

Reyn is famous for pioneering gaming music, but is also an awesome and seemingly effortless multi-instrumentalist who loops live on stage.. I was honoured to be asked to improv with him on stage..

But I digress.. I took the comment as a challenge, he was right, I hadn’t challenged myself to many upbeat compositions, and typing this I feel a reminder to do more of it.

So here we are, a more upbeat matrix of love vocals, Here i am using the extreme panning of the “pan” settings on 2 DD20 Boss pedals in conjunction. (there are no edits at all in this piece, you will see this when I post up the videos…)

I like to explore melodies. Letting them expand gently and predictably but also with an unexpectedness which i owe to my love of Mozart, I particularly enjoy his musical jokes as he blatantly does something you didn’t predict, purely to make you feel the joy of the unexpected.

This is the second track from the album NonSense A, the first of a double album, totally vocal, and totally without words. For more information on my style and thoughts in the area of music and sound please visit my website.


There are no discernible words, other than those you might find yourself. The title “Bouncy Spring” to me encapsulated it’s upbeat enthusiasm. It was composed in Spring.