Performed for the 2nd time at Anatums Abode in Limehouse LONDON

A very special place to play. I took a simple rig and improvised the whole set this time. Caught a flavour and style i had not tried before, beginning similar phrases and letting them fade away at some juncture unknown until the moment…. Anatum’s is beautiful space, fast becoming somewhere known for hosting the extraordinary. Bioni Samp and Blanca Regina have also played this unusual venue run by Anastasia Freygang. Full of great vibes for healthy sustainable future for us all. The room i performed in was derelict, no roof, I love the texture of the walls… Thanks to Michael Shepherd for an outstandingly lovely video. (and for the best Pizza for miles around!!)

God Found Pluto a Cold Place – Video

The idea that Gaia, (or if you prefer an Earth consciousness/God) could choose to spend time in or around the furthest planet(?) from the sun has been a visual and emotional movie of mine for a while in several shapes and forms. 🙂

The music appears on the Nonsense A album.

Pythagoras Live @ The Loft, Cologne Germany

This is me at my first International gig. In Cologne. An unforgettable time, and I presented “Pythagoras”. A song I wrote which displays Pythagoras’s opposite words. Opposition being an interest of mine, latest childhood development theories guard against too much focus on likes and dislikes, polar opposites… it possibly creates a “Good” and “Bad” labelling mind…. one that misses the complexities of the middle ground..