FeMMuseTech event hosted by University of East London

It was a pleasure to be asked to talk about my work and the role of women in music technology.. really great event, many thanks to Jo Thomas for hosting. If you are a female looking fora  chance to have your voice heard about women in a very male dominated world then hook up with them on facebook here or on twitter here


FeMMuseTech Research Discussion and Performance Event

This discussion aims to explore the roles of political body,activism,technology ,gender and disability. Ju Gosling will show her work as a disabled artist . Georgina Brett will perform her work live.

Music Performance Networking / Lunch 
Introduction Dr Jo Thomas 

Dr Ju Gosling 
Disabled artist, wellcome fellow, sound performance and activism 

Workshop Performance Georgina Brett 
Music improvisor , electronic sound artist.
Music / Networking / Coffee

The Event is Supported UEL Athena Swan and the University of East London.

Dr Ju Gosling
Dr Ju Gosling is an active disabled artist. She is a welcome trust fellow who works with performance, text and sound. Ju works largely within the theories and traditions of the Disability Arts movement. In 2012 Ju directed the Together 2012 free Disability Arts and Human Rights Festival as a London 2012 Local Leader on behalf of the UK Disabled Peoples Council . The festival took place in the Host Borough of Newham to celebrate the Paralympics (29 August-9 September 2012)

Georgina Brett
Georgina Brett is a composer and founder of the organization Tuesday’s Post, a successful community music group in London.
She creates her music from her own voice using low and high technology and Her music sounds like instant choirs of sound, which are often hypnotic in style.

Dr Jo Thomas
Dr Jo Thomas is a senior music academic at the University of East London. She is a composer working with Digital Sound. In 2012 she won the Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica in Digital Music’s and Sound Art for her work Crystal Sounds of a Synchrotron.She has worked alongside a number of artists including Maria Chavez Lee Gamble and SquarePusher. She works with a combination of electrotronic music, live improvisation and sound instillation. Current work includes a new 16 channel work for Frequencies Digital Arts Festival in Lincoln based around the celebration of the Magna Carter, FeMM useTech, a Civil Engagement project supported by The University of East London supporting and increasing the visibility of women in Stratford working with Music Technology.

Gemma Whitfield
Gemma Whitfield is third year music student from London. She recently won the e factor at the University of East London to design and establish her own company Womma. She produces and and a regular contributor to LBGT Queerhouse Radio at the RoundHouse London. Gemma is a research assistant for FeMMusetech at the University of East London.

Kumo and Georgina Brett at London Analogue Festival 2014

London Analogue Festival 2014 was in The Bargehouse at The OXO Tower, on the South Bank in London, it took place in the Summer.. fantastic venue, an untouched, undeveloped bargehouse, enormous.. we were right in the top.. amazing textures on the walls, i am sad to this day that i didn’t manage to take photos of it inside.

finally got to release the video of Jono Podmore and I ..totally analogue equipment..
My gear? Korg SE 500 Stage Echo Tape Delay, Arp 2600 Synth, Sennheiser Hypercardioid mic, Mackie 1202VLZ
Jono’s gear? Longwave handmade Theremin, Mackie 802 VLZ 3 mixer, Mutron III+, MXR Carbon Copy, Lili 004 – handmade Ring Modulator, Filter, 2xLFO
Wonder if anyone can understand the spoken word stuff? It’s using some amusing texts, check the book titles in the youtube listing.¬†wink emoticon¬†!!!

12 12 12 Project Finally Released!!

Cover image for 12 12 12 project, coloured light bars.

We finally released the 12 12 12 project on 31 03 13, on Bandcamp. The whole album is available for free, but donations are gratefully received. This project contains 27 supremely varying pieces of music, what binds them together is the date they were made, the use of pedals/live electronics and many of the artists also chose to use the number 12 as a theme. 12 notes, 12 in the rhythm, 12 pedals, 12 words..

Looper’s Delight 12 12 12 project click here