Tuesdays Post Series 3 opening

Really pleased to say that the 7:1 surround sound worked really nicely at New River Studios April 24th 2016.. Decided to continue with approx. 2 monthly surround gigs at New River. Including July 3rd “Eclipse Collaborations” (by me) launch.. 🙂

Series 2 Tuesdays Post (Live Progressive Ambient) begins April 2014

A little minimal, a little magical, a little chaotic and little bizarre. Live on stage. The craft of harmony and rhythm taken off the beaten track.. Risky live electronic music. Boxes, wires, instruments, pedals, and laptops … a platform for new sounds, collaborations and innovation.

Series 2 will be run by Georgina and also Andrew Ostler and Michael Bearpark from the band Darkroom. It began on April 25th at The Strongroom Bar and featured; Deekie, Georgina Brett and Darkroom. With Mixmaster Morris (DJ)



End of Tuesdays Post series 1


Artists came from far and wide (Wales, Bristol, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Singapore) to perform in the West London W10 area. It was not compulsory to be silent

The idea was to come and enjoy unusual electronic, live music, drink, chat and relax.

These were the line ups:-

March 11th 2013

David Cooper Orton
Graham Dowdall (Gagarin)
Solar Quest
Georgina Brett

February 5th 2013

Georgina Brett
Illi Adato & Graham Dunning

December 4th 2012

Steve Lawson
Ruby Colley
Ricardo Spaggiari
Georgina Brett

November 6th 2012

Ourobourus (Chris Leeds and gong percussion orchestra)
Ov London Electronic Improv. (Illi Adato-Percussion and Electronics and Guy Harries-Voice and Electronics)
Georgina Brett

October 2nd 2012

Per Boysen
Leander Reininghaus
Randolf Arriola?
Georgina Brett

September 4th 2012

Michael Peters
Andy Butler
Georgina Brett
Fabio Anile

August 7th 2012

Simeon Harris
David Cooper Orton
Tom Wallace

July 3rd 2012

Tantric Sax
Lee Harris and the Moonlight Orchestra http://www.newantiquerecords.com/lee-harris-the-moonlight-orchestra-tuesdays-post
Steve Moyes and Jude Cowan Montague
Jon Sangita

June 5th 2012

Jo Thomas http://www.jothomas.me/
Greg Hunter http://dubsahara.com/
Georgina Brett https://www.georginabrett.co.uk/
Suzy Condrad http://suzycondrad.com/

May 1st 2012

Otto Fischer http://ottofischer.com/
Georgina Brett https://www.georginabrett.co.uk/
and Clive Graham http://www.stalk.net/paradigm/

Opening night 24th April 2012

David Cooper Orton http://davidcooperorton.co.uk/
Matt Stevens http://mattstevensguitar.com/
Georgina Brett https://www.georginabrett.co.uk/
and Darren Sangita http://sangitasounds.com/

Tuesdays Post February 5th

The music ranged from hypnotically beautiful to AvanteGarde improvisation.

We did our usual 20 minute set each, followed by another 20 minute set. In Darkroom’s final set Andrew and Michael invited me to join them on stage.

Beginning with me.
My first song was the first of a pair of love songs (since it’s February). The negative one called “I Don’t Love You”. I always feel slightly naughty singing this song. Especially the line “All you do is bore me to tears” It doesn’t just trip off my tongue, feels too mean but I think the problem with relationships is that we can put up with awful situations, here is the bald version of goodbye. The second song was Etusta, a song i have sung for very many years, it was originally written for a play about Joan of Arc, it has grown and developed into many versions.
He sang “Rise & Fall ” and “The Landing”
Ov Collective – Illi Adato and Graham Dunning.
Illi and Graham between them had a large array of unusual sound items, they make quirky collages of sound.
And finally
Absolutely love this first section, rhythm is punchy and irreverently fluid.

We had a break and then i began the second set with the second in the pair of love songs called “I Wanted you the Hear me Say It”
Acouchristo continued with “I Miss You Babe” a brave, personal, sad but strong song and “I Won’t Let You Down”. This was my favourite song of Acouchristo’s. Absolutely stunning. It builds slowly with this xylophone melody and Chris overlays layer after layer of the same phrases,,,.. and the reality of the words is driven home. Fabulous voice and original concept. (Inspired by a Dyson vacuum cleaner).
Illi and Graham continued with a sonically spacious and rarified palette of improvised sounds…. Very nice careful work where you could tell they were zoned into each other’s playing.
Darkroom and I improvised the last set of the day. This was a joy! It is so nice working with Darkroom, you never know what you are going to produce live, Andrew takes the sample, real time, and effects it there and then making a collage of vocalness over whatever else is also happening in the guitar and synths. (check expert sleepers for custom and niche market soft and hardware synths)