Contemplating the Planet Venus

Contemplating the Planet Venus is one of those moments where it all goes well and you are in this space of total immersion, you are at one with the music, and this is where i went with it!

I remember very little about this recording. I had been listening to Eliane Radigue Islas Resonantes, so was feeling the extended simplicity. It was recorded in one improvisation, one stereo file from my pedalboard, at home one day.. but somehow it just retained a quality that was so dreamy it needed an appropriate name… 🙂

It starts with a simple 4 note phrase which evolves gently towards the end becomes like waves of sound.

Years later a friend, Gordon MacMillan, made a fantastic remix of it, which is just a stunning piece of wizardry… it ended up on “The Eclipse Collaborations” a later release of mine.

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