In The Bleak Mid-Winter

(Holst/Rosetti) I had fun working out what to do with this. I found inspiration from the music of two Ugandan wooden xylophone players. They play interlocking tunes to make a melody twice the speed. I added a twist in that i swap parts half way through each line. So much fun to sing!

This track was released on a vocal-looping Carol CD presenting my own versions of 6 well-known Christmas Carols. The idea was to represent them in a meditative style. The tracks are all vocal live-looping, the sounds are one person with some technology and a head full of chords and ideas. I performed them at a number of events in 2014.
Carols are ubiquitous, we know them so well, but what are they saying? What do they say to us? What they make us feel and what the words are, are often completely separate, so here each carol is treated in a way that captures the essence of the carol evoking our emotional response, sometimes due to the lack of words in the vocal sounds. (Most of the Carols retain some or all of the words of the original). It gives us a chance to see the power of the emotive nature of the carols and perhaps reconnects us to the Christmas of days gone by.

This album was mixed and mastered by Michael Randall and produced by Youth.

There is a live version of this song here:

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