Pent Flat

I wanted to do a track using the Pentatonic scale. I like to let my melodies begin and then, like a relay race, continue on one after another, leaving the last few to become the backing and the next ideas to come. I “dot” notes in between notes of a sung melody, make harmonies where i feel and often start each new melody where I would like it fit, it is an ‘in the moment’ thing.

In this piece there is no fixed bar structure or length, you don’t need one for all rhythmic work. Rigid structure is a Western construction and pentatonic music is generally a tonality of Eastern music.

This is the fifth track from the album NonSense A, the first of a double album, totally vocal, and totally without words. For more information on my style and thoughts in the area of music and sound please visit my website.


There are no discernible words, other than those you might find yourself.

As for the Name of the track… it’s just a play on words.

Pent- short for Pentatonic
and Flat? well it means a flat note in music but also a type of house so Pentflat … Penthouse? hmm. 🙂
My fascination is in meaning, what you say, what you mean and the misinterpretations in between.