Solidsilence Binaural Fieldwave CD’s, Interviews, Events and Podcasts.

Solidsilence was a company i ran between 2003 and 2008, publishing fieldwave immersive CD’s of binaurally recorded sounds and music from eco-festivals in the UK. The website was taken down back in about 2009, I kept screenshots of the site so i had a record of all the info and descriptions, a great deal of work went into this project!

Scroll down this page to see the screenshots of the Solidsilence website. If you have any query or request regarding the content of the site then do get in touch, i have kept most of the original recordings.

Since I no longer manufacture the 4 CD’s of music and sounds from Buddhafield and Small World Solar Stage I have uploaded them to Mixcloud for anyone to hear for free,

with full listing of featured artists for you to explore their work. The final CD, Small World Solar Stage ii was sold briefly by Rough Trade Records in Soho, however, due to my lack of experience in promotion these unique CD’s were otherwise only sold at the festivals. I wanted to get back to focussing on my own musical work, so decided to close down the company.

For more information on these and other surround sound work i have done please visit my Immersive Sound page, which illustrates other spatial fascinations to date.