Sonnez Les Matines

Knopfdreher and Moody Alien approached me  in 2011 about remixing a very long live-looped version i sang of the children’s round Frere Jaques. Sadly the original does not exist anymore, it resided on a hard drive which got bricked a while ago..

The album took a while to complete but in September 2013 we launched “Ding Dang Dong” an album of 6 tracks which successfully creates a wonderful ambient environment for the round to inhale and exhale… 🙂

Please find this track and all 5 other versions here in the album by myself “Ding Dang Dong” recently released across all major platforms.

Sonnez Les Matines features in the album ‘The Eclipse Collaborations’

Please find the 30 minute promotional film for the album below: