The Return of the Nabob on the 111

The Return of the Nabob on the 111 (2016)

The text is from 2 sources: the voice of Gregory Sams (Sun of gOd, The State is Out of Date),  and I recite from “The Return of the Nabob on the 111” a poem  by Youth about a mutual friend Brian Barritt who was a legend and pioneer of all things psychedelic.

At the time i sang this poem i was developing material with Youth for a concert organised by Lee Harris (Alchemy),  I originally sang and recorded several poems from “Middle Class Riot” a publication of poetry by Youth, (the other recordings now sadly lost on an old hard drive). I sang the poem a cappella and Youth worked it up into this epic track and asked if he could include it in an album accompanying his “The Anarchists Colouring Book” containing line drawings for colouring. It was an honour to be included in an album featuring so many visionaries and soothsayers!

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