Things We Never See

Things We Never See (2014?)

Had many studio sessions with Steve Finnerty (Alabama 3) over the years recording several songs notably : ‘Lavender‘ featured in. The Killing$ of Tony Blair‘ feature length documentary by George Galloway and also ‘Don’t You Think‘ recently released on my ‘Day and Night’ album.

Things We Never See is built around a sample and included guitar and beat arrangements by Steve The lyrics are by myself and also taken from a poem by Martin Luther King.

I chose this poem because if it’s universality, a poem about how extraordinary it is to be living! ..and also, for this album, ‘The Eclipse Collaborations’, a conundrum as the album only exists because of the eclipse footage i took of our star and moon that somehow manage to remind us how magical it is to be in existence.. how is it that they fit together so perfectly and create such an extraordinary display for us… how can it be accidental?