Tuesdays Post-Live Progressive Ambient – A music night founded by Georgina Brett

Tuesdays Post is:

A little minimal, a little magical, a little chaotic and little bizarre. Live on stage. The craft of harmony and rhythm taken off the beaten track.. Risky live electronic music. Boxes, wires, instruments, pedals, and laptops … a platform for new sounds, collaborations and innovation. And since the beginning of series 4, exclusively ambisonic, surround sound concerts at Iklectik, London.

If you want to catch up on previous Tuesdays Post event then here’s the url to performances https://www.youtube.com/user/TuesdaysPost

Current – Series 4 Ambisonic events at Iklectik

Our third gig took place on May 30th 2023 again at Iklectik. Featuring all ambisonic sets from Gabriel Prokofiev, Simon Fisher Turner, KOGG and Georgina Brett.


Our second night at Iklectik on Feb 7th 2023 and featured all Ambisonic sets by Pop-Up Kings, Georgina Brett and Gareth Whittock. Sadly Gabriel Prokofiev got Covid, so was unable to play, hence he joined us for the next concert.

Tuesdays Post : Live Progressive Ambient


The first gig of the series was at Iklectik on Sept 20th 2022 and featured sets by – Darkroom (Andrew Ostler and Michael Bearpark) and Elif Yalvac, Hems (Henrique Mathias)- ambisonic set, Kumo (Jono Podmore)- quad set, Joseph Hyde- ambisonic set and Georgina Brett- ambisonic set.


Series 3 was hosted at The Muse Gallery, (Portobello)..

artists included:

Jecklin (Thomas Stone), Kumo (Jono Podmore), Lucid Brain Integrative Project (Emmanuel Reveneau), Prehisto’zik (Nelly Meunier), Yoaf (feat Tom Faux, John Saunders, Tim Yates), White Noise (Dave Vorhaus and Mike Painter), Susanna Lafond, Georgina Brett.

Series 2  Began at The Strongroom Bar (Hoxton) and moved on to The Others (Stoke Newington) and New River Studios (Manor House)

Artists included:

Shankara Andy Bole, Peter Chilvers, Rick Walker, Iris Garrelfs, Gareth Whittock, Deekie, Darkroom, Joseph Hyde, David Cooper Orton, Idiot St Crazy (Valentin Carette), Hems, Setherian, Gagarin, Minny Pops, Map 165, Nick Parkin, Encym, Matt Stevens, Steve Beresford, Blanca Regina, Sharon Gal, Nick Rothwell, Darren Sangita and Himanish Goswami, Georgina Brett, Thomas Stone, Roshi feat Pars Radio, Johanna Glaza, Tom Mudd, VCOADSR, Martin Pyne, The Broca Ensemble,  and more…


Series 1 Began at The Retro Bar (Westbourne Park) moved on to The Paradise Bar (Kilburn).

Artists included:

David Cooper Orton, Gagarin, Solar Quest, Darkroom, AcouChristo, Illi Adato & Graham Dunning, Steve Lawson, Ruby Colley, Ricardo Spaggiari, Ourobourus, Illi Adato and Guy Harries, Per Boysen, Leander Reininghaus, Randolf Arriola, Michael Peters, Andy Butler, Fabio Anile, Simeon Harris, Tom Wallace, Lee Harris and the Moonlight Orchestra, Steve Moyes and Jude Cowan Montague, Jo Thomas, Greg Hunter, Suzy Condrad, Otto Fischer, Georgina Brett, Matt Stevens