Yeah Yeah

This track is an extended remix of “Against” which appears on my “Emotional Sense” album. Against originated to experiment gently with rhythms of 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 6’s and 8’s together.

There are no discernible words, other than those you might find yourself. The title “Yeah Yeah” Is an amusing colloquialism… because depending on the inflection of the voice it can mean equal and opposite things.
Again, something that involves the complexity of intonation.

“Yeah Yeah” begins with the basic elements of Against and develops into exploring not only these rhythmic relationships but also those of inflection of tone and flexibility of- the moment of full emphasis with a vocal sound, ie you can make one sound and emphasise any portion of it in any way.

The voice has such range of attack envelope to the sounds you can make with it. Within this track it creates rhythmic dancing within the matrix of vocal sounds present.

This is the third track from the album NonSense A, the first of a double album, totally vocal, and totally without words.

This song has been remixed by Seagram Murals and appears on “The Eclipse Collaborations”

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