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Reflections in Sound : A Healing Journey through the Human Voice

1st June, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


The human voice is the original instrument that can access facets of the psyche that are often unreachable by known means.

Join us in sacred circle to explore the profound wisdom of the human voice, the most primordial and direct navigator to the wilderness within. Together we will harmonise our breath and vocalise our soul equations to create a heightened synergy of shared intention and manifestation. We will journey through our intuitive tones and soul chants, recite powerfully transmutting ancient mantra codes and immerse in the universal language of spirit to liberate aspects of self that WE are not, so that we become all that WE will be.

Guided by the tremendously heart opening plant spirit of CACAO. The heart when feels safe and embracing become a living portal to deep presence and pure creative flow.

Facilitated by : Sound Artists and Healing Sound Practitioners Lani Rocillo,Georgina Brett, Maxwell Reynish and Katy Dron.


is a musician trained in Sound Therapy, Energy Medicine and Shamanic Practice. She works with the mediums of sound, plants, breath, movement and performance with the intention of opening space to explore the multi-dimensional memory, so that we may access our natural capacity to embody balanced health, compassionate purpose and grounded potential. Inspired by the holistic approach in the creative process, she sees the deep significance of the graceful infusion of our rich ancient wisdom traditions, emerging spiritual technologies and contemporary platforms in guiding the way to our ever accelerating personal and planetary metamorphosis.

She holds ceremonial gatherings, facilitates personal therapitic sessions and collaborates in art and music projects that aim to redefine cultural boundaries towards strengthening the unified purpose of nature.



Georgina’s vocal matrices are made to stimulate auditory adventuring, to soothe, to baffle the rational mind .. to challenge and shock. Her evolving instant choirs inhabit spaces from Palestrina to Ligeti. from Steve Reich to something other worldly…. This January Georgina performed at The National Portrait Gallery, with a work derived from the journals of Picasso’s lovers and kernels of music from Stravinsky and Satie.


A multi-instrumentalist, artist, working with sound, meditation, plants and ritual. Collaborates with various artists, musicians and practioners of therapeutical practices.

Combining musical traditions and sacred ceremonial sounds from across the world into a language we all speak, fostering a collective space in which to enter into altered states of consciousness through evocation and the sculpting of such sounds, and where sensitivity to vibration allows intuitive translation of spatial awareness.

Facilitating sound meditation, ceremony, workshops and other spaces where people can nurture from an intuitive place and bring about stillness of body and mind.


Experimental musician and trained sound healer Katy Dron will be fabricating choral soundscapes drawn from the astral to envelop participants in the power of celestial harmonies.

Katy hosts holistic events across London as Cosimia Sounds focusing on reaching deep trance states through sound, breathwork and plant medicines allowing space for individual journeying within a group environment.

is the intentional use of sound to harmonise consciousness and cellular dissonances in the body, facilitating the expansion of self awareness, compassionate perspective, enhanced creativity, balanced health and total well being.

is a powerfuly nurturing plant used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. It supports physical health, psychological well being and improves cognitive function. In it’s pure and raw form cocoa is abundant in antioxidants which prevent premature cellular ageing and disease. it is rich in mood-enhancing agents such as dopamine, seratonin and phenethylamine which stimulates the nervous system and triggers the release of pleasurable compounds known as endorphins. It nourishes the heart and opens the channels to heightened intuitive, sensory and emotional states.


1st June, 2017
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Unnamed Organizer


Reva Yoga
2C Andrews Road, E84QL London, United Kingdom
London, London E84QL United Kingdom
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